Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mid-Week Recap

I didn't have a terrifically "good" week last week in terms of eating well, but I did get some great runs in so I didn't know quite what to expect for Sunday's weigh-in.  It went surpassingly well - down 3.2 pounds (bit of a correction from a gain the week before), which brings me to a grand total of 20 - TWENTY - pounds lost since I started tracking my food and exercise last October!!  I have been so overwhelmed by the outpouring of support I received after sharing the news on Facebook.  I have enjoyed reviewing the weight-loss graph on my LoseIt! home page.  It reminds me that no matter how slowly, the extra weight has been coming off.

I set a new mini-goal on LoseIt! - goal is for BMI under 30, and only need to drop another 5 pounds to get there.  My "recommended" weight is still 39 pounds away so it's a long road ahead but I'll keep on trucking.  

This week, my new running group started up.  The LRC has a summer running program for women only.  It's designed for runners of any level, training for a 5K distance.  It is appropriately named the HEAT WAVE.  And it was very hot but we had a nice breeze and that time of day there's plenty of shade on the Trail.  I do need to be training for a longer distance, since I have a 5-miler just two weeks away, and a 10K at the end of September to keep in mind, but I like running with a group once day a week, it's a nice change, and since they meet and run on the Trail, I can bring my trusty partner Coty.  The TNAM group is still going, out at the Lake, so this week and next, I have two group runs. 

Coty's ALWAYS ready for a run.

I should probably get back to the gym sometime soon.  It's been more than a week since I got any strength training in... Will definitely report back when I fit that into my schedule!

That's about it for me... this week is flying by and I'd better hit the hay pretty quick here.

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