Monday, July 9, 2012

Too hot to think!

During the past 10-12 days it's been miserably hot - we had a crazy heat wave that really sapped my ability to function properly.  I kept thinking to myself, I need to sit down, spend some time thinking about this process, and write a blog post.  But I really haven't felt like it was within my power to draft a complete sentence without assistance, let alone a coherent post worth reading.  Now that the weather has eased up, I feel like I can THINK again.  I feel like I can MOVE again.  In short, I feel like I can WRITE again.

Over the next few days, I'll post some updates to bring you up to speed.  It's been a pretty active couple of weeks overall:

  • Final TNAM group run (sort of) and official time for TNAM
  • A terrific Saturday morning run with a new running partner!
  • Training in 103 degree heat / humidity
  • A 5-mile race on the 4th of July, again with heat index over 100 degrees
  • I had 5 days off, and logged 11 miles during that long weekend!
  • How I managed NOT to gain weight (for once) during my mini-vacation (reference all that exercise, above)
  • A kitchen update?  Yes, that's right... a kitchen update!

There WILL be pictures.

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