Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This is NOT a list of New Year's Resolutions

I was thinking today about goals for next year.  NOT RESOLUTIONS, goals.  It's an important distinction for me.  Goals are flexible.  Resolutions are... well, they're made for breaking and giving up on.  There's probably another rant on this topic, but that's for another day.
Here's my list (aside from the ever-present "get to Goal Weight" goal):

  1. MORE CROSS-TRAINING!  I run plenty, need to hit the gym more often and strength train.  Maybe ride the stationary bike once in a while.  I've been on this "extended break" from the gym for FAR too long.  I think for January I'll start with insisting I get to the gym at least one day each week.
  2. MORE SIT-UPs & PUSH-UPs.  I hate core work but it's absolutely necessary and will take me to my ultimate goals so much faster.  Gotta get over it and learn to love it.  I'm gchallenging myself to 20 each, 20 days in January.  Then amp it up each month after that.
  3. Complete a half-marathon.  I've done 3 10Ks and I like that distance, but it's time to take on the scary Half.  I know I've mentioned it before, but I find the 13.1 a bit intimidating.  It scares me a little, which is why I have to do it.  I really take issue with being afraid of something so simple as a little extra exercise.  This must be addressed.  Now I just have to decide which one.  I've registered for the 10K at the end of April.  I could upgrade my registration to run the 1/2, but I'm not sure I'll be ready for that.  There will be another chance at the Twin Cities 1/2-marathon in September.  And a few others in the area that I know of.  
So that's it.  It's a short list but a tall order.  

BRING IT, 2013.  I frackin' dare you.

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  1. Great goals! You know, I think you're guilty of holding yourself back mentally. I have been guilty of that a lot too. You are SO ready to train for a half. And April is SO doable, you have PLENTY of time. And hit those weights, you will be amazed how it amps up your metabolism and weight management. Thanks for sharing your goals with us :)


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