Saturday, June 22, 2013

2013 Goals / Challenge Update: May

YIKES!  I never posted the May results!

Here you have it:
Reminder in case you haven't been paying attention:
My goal for 2013 is to run, walk and / or bike 500 miles as quickly as possible.
The other Challenge items for this year are:

  1. Ultimate mileage goal is to run/ walk 500 miles (excluding bike miles).
  2. Complete my first half marathon race (or, you know, two).
  3. 5K race time under 35 minutes. DONE
  4. 10K race time under 1 hour 10 minutes.
  5. Test Mile time under 10 minutes. DONE

I ran this month's miles for:

Additional stats for this month and year-to-date:

Random facts for May:

  • Trips to Lake Bloomington: 2 / Evergreen Lake:  1
  • Number of Test Miles: 0 - my training schedule with long runs didn't allow space for this!
  • Longest distance in a single run: 9.0+ (walked to and from the start, another 1.5 miles)
  • Hotel workouts:  1
  • Number of races: 3
  • Number of new PR's:  3**
  • Best 5k time: 34:13.58**
  • Group runs: Zero
  • Runs cancelled or altered due to weather conditions: 0
  • Weight change for the month: +0.2 lbs. Well, the bleeding has stopped, but still not heading in the right direction there.

Upcoming Events:

June 15:  Steamboat Classic (Peoria, IL) 4-mile

Month of June:  Thursday Night Accumulative Marathon (TNAM) results will be in by the end of the month!
July 4:  Park 2 Park (from Bloomington to Normal, IL) 5-mile

Last month was Race-A-Palooza: 4 in a row.  Results:  
  • (April) Christie Clinic 2013 Illinois marathon 10K (goal time: 1:10:00) actual time:  1:11:29  Race recap here.
  • Lake Run 12k (first time racing this distance) (goal time 1:30:00) actual time: 1:30:24.6.  Race recap here.
  • **Race to Wrigley 5k (goal - have fun and raise money for a great cause!)  actual time:  34:13.58 - here's the asterisk:  that time would be a PR, but my Garmin indicated the distance was slightly less than a full 5k - 3.07 miles... so the PACE works out to just slightly OVER my best time for 5k.  You can judge for yourself.  I'm taking the PR.  Race recap here.
  • Run River City Marathon Relay (first time in a relay!) (goal: depends on which leg I'm running.)  I ran the last and longest leg:  7.5 miles.  Given that, I made my goal time 1:30 (same as Lake run, as similar distance) - actual time: 1:38 - that was a tough run, very hot and I think all that racing took a toll!  Race recap yet to come.
Larger goal in sight for May: Get that weight back on track and headed in the right direction. Refocus on the goal. This isn't just about running; it's about health and FITness.  Yes, (this is a repeat from last month's Challenge Update) I'm keeping this here because this is still valid.  My weight is hanging steady but I need to change things up and get some movement there.

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