Monday, January 4, 2016

To the Gym Rats of the World

An Open Letter to the Gym Rats of the World (Whom I Would Very Much Like to Emulate):

I joined the throngs of new and returning gym goers tonight after work. Love that my gym was still not overcrowded. 

I read somewhere that only like 8% of them (us) stay consistent throughout the rest of the year. I once again strive to be part of that 8%.

I had a challenging bike ride and 30 minutes of strength training (back, biceps, core) and The Hubs made a super healthy dinner for us. 

So, gym rats of the world, relax! You'll have your space back soon. Meanwhile, throw some encouraging words at the newbies and (me) those who are recommitting, and hope to attain Gym Rat status by this time next year. 

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