Monday, August 22, 2016

Inspired by #TheGoal30

Well I have two unfinished blog posts that I'm having trouble writing, but I just read about #TheGoal30 "challenge" and I'm feeling inspired.  The challenge, in a nutshell, is to create 30 small achievable goals and, in whatever order works for you, go about achieving them in the next month. Things you WANT to do, but have NOT been doing.  That's it. Reading through other people's lists was quite inspiring and I ended up making one of my own.  I have already decided there's no 30-day deadline on this for me.  (#wycwyc)

Here, in no particular order, are my mini-goals:
  1. Bring lunch to work (AND EAT IT) every day for a week.
  2. Log > 10,000 steps ON A WEEKDAY.
  3. Go to a group fitness class.
  4. Go for a solo bike ride (The Hubs doesn't really want to go anyway and that's OK).
  5. Log all meals for a day.  CONSCIOUSLY.  MINDFULLY.
  6. Finish one day with total carbs intake within goal.  
  7. Make a green smoothie.
  8. Go one full week without fast-food breakfast.  (yes, this is a thing.)
  9. Blog about the 261 Fearless Coach training / Club leader retreat - it was AMAZING and so worth sharing!
  10. Hang things to replace the holes mom left on the living room and hallway walls.
  11. Use those dumbbells while watching TV.
  12. Make a healthy choice while eating out.
  13. Hit the gym in the MORNING before work.
  14. Write letters to each of the kids (nieces / nephews).
  15. Get out of bed without hitting SNOOZE.
  16. Drink 8 cups of H2O at work.
  17. Use those little sword-thingys and floss on the drive home from work.
  18. Meet the Garmin step goal 3 days IN A ROW.
  19. Write thank you notes to dog-sitters.
  20. Use the Zombies, Run! app that you downloaded 2 months ago.  It seems like fun.
  21. Meal prep something on Sunday to use during the week (and then USE IT).
  22. Schedule a walk date.
  23. Finish the blog post about Esprit de SHE.  It was fantastic!  I am a Triathlete!
  24. Use the rowing machine at the gym.  Row a 5k?  I do not know if this is a lofty goal.
  25. Shut down phones at 8pm one evening.  (this I DO know: it IS a lofty goal.)
  26. Call my brother.
  27. Hit the gym in the morning on a weekend.
  28. Go rock climbing!
  29. Take the dogs to the dog park.  Little Dude needs socialization before he starts getting weird.
  30. Log > 15,000 steps in a day.
  31. Revamp my Workout playlist.
  32. Meet the Garmin step goal 4 days in one week.
  33. Make that "Singalong Song" playlist you've been thinking about.
  34. Spend 10 minutes training Little Dude.
  35. Call my other brother.
  36. Try a new, carb-conscious recipe.
  37. Write a "random act of kindness" thank you note - to someone who made me feel special for ANY reason.
  38. "Close the Kitchen" on a weeknight (dishes done, everything away, counters clean, coffee ready for the morning).
  39. Hit the gym for a strength training workout twice in the same week.
  40. Read for 10 minutes before bed.
  41. Play Mario on the Wii for a whole hour and just enjoy it.
  42. Get a manicure.
  43. Do physical therapy exercises for my neck and hips.
  44. Feeling FRUSTRATED? Take a walk!
Yes, that's right, I was OVER-inspired and ended up with a list of over 40 mini-goals for the #TheGoal30 "Challenge".  (Are you really surprised??)  Again, I'm not holding myself to the 30 days limit. 

This is not the first time I've tackled that phone thing.
I won't promise to update the list here, but I will try to.  Updates more likely to be found on Instagram and / or Facebook and / or Twitter.  Let me know there, how your own challenge is going!

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