Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Race for the Cure

I kept myself pretty darn active last weekend and didn't give myself much down-time.  A run-down of the weekend's events:  
  • Friday I left work a bit early and enjoyed some time at home with Jason.  I had to get up at dawn to make it to an early-morning race, so I was good and stayed home, made myself a reasonable dinner, got my gear together, hung out with the dog, read my book, and went to bed early.
  • I got up a little after 5am and headed out.  I arrived at the race with plenty of time to find a parking space and get a warm-up walk and jog in, and check out all the vendors, goodie-bags and swag they were handing out.  (This is actually a critical point because the Peoria Komen Race for the Cure is an enormous event with approximately 25,000 participants.  Numerous businesses and other local organizations have tents set up and it's an absolute madhouse, really fun, but you HAVE to give yourself time to check it out, roam around, and navigate through all the people!)
  • Race results:  totally awesome!  I stuck with my plan of running 10 minutes and allowing a strict 1-minute walk break.  I completed the 5K in 37:41 my personal best for a 5K!! (and a 12:20 minute-per-mile pace!)