Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tech Low-Down: My Personal Trainer

With all the traveling and training for races lately, I haven't made it to the gym in a couple of weeks.

Actually... maybe more than that.  It's really been a while.  The boys' schedules eased up this week so that one of them can walk the dog, so I was free to get some strength training in after work tonight.  I walked in and was greeted by the one guy that ALWAYS seems to be behind the counter - seriously, this guy must work 24-7, he is ALWAYS there! - and he gracefully refrained from scolding me for my lengthy absence.  He did say "Glad you're back!"  So I loaded up the "Personal Trainer" app on my phone and started in with a Circuit Training workout.

I really like the app I use for my gym workouts.  It's called iPersonalTrainer and it was free or really cheap through iTunes.  You can have the program design from several types of workouts - muscle building, circuit training, or design-your-own, and you can also choose to re-load a workout you previously completed.  It walks me through each exercise, tells me how many reps to do & how much weight to use, provides tips on maintaining proper form and each exercise has immediate video demo available.  There's an online companion for it, but I don't use it.

iPhone Screenshot 2 
iPhone Screenshot 1

Anyway, I usually do the circuit training session.  In the circuit workout, the app gives me 5 exercises focusing on 2-3 muscle groups, then repeat those 5 exercises in 3 sets; then 5 more for the same muscle groups, repeat for 3 sets.  The one down-side is the exercises aren't necessarily in an order that's logistically practical - depending on my assigned program, I sometimes end up running all over the gym to do things in order.  One of the advantages is when the gym is busy, I can skip around the program and get things done as machines, benches, whatever, become available.  And I LOVE that it takes the guesswork out of weight lifting - I just do what the little man in the iPhone tells me to!

It also mixes up the intensity periodically, which is great.  Most days it gives me a solid workout - I'm working hard, but I don't feel like I'm gonna die or anything.  Then there are days when it decides to crank up the intensity, BIG time.  (Example:  sure, usually I tell you to do 40-45 lbs on the leg press, but today, just for kicks, I want you to do 75 lbs!)  Today, on the other hand, was a light workout - 25-30 lbs instead of 45.

Maybe the little man in the phone knows it's been a while and I might need to ease back into the swing of things??


  1. That’s one smart phone you got there! :D I have a personal trainer and he just knows when to push and when to ease up. I like it when he pushes me to my limits, and I find out that I can do it. It just boosts my confidence.

    Madison Mcnulty

  2. That's a really awesome app! I think the app’s really helpful because you will have a quick guide regarding the info you need. Also, getting yourself pumped for the workout would no longer be a problem because you would no longer feel lazy in the middle of your workout session.


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