Sunday, September 29, 2013

Inaugural Ventura Marathon 9/8/13, Part I

The Ventura Marathon event started pretty much like every other race.  We flew to California,

Spent a couple of nights with my best friend in the world,

Went for a run down Sunset Boulevard, through Beverly Hills, and back up Santa Monica Boulevard...

Drove to San Diego to spend some time with my brother and his wife, and to spoil my nephews and niece...

We lounged at the beach, and at the pool...

Then drove to the desert to visit with my dad and his dogs. This one's ALL MOUTH:

Then to Ventura, our final stop, where we had a chance to visit with my mom, watch my nephews play soccer and practice football...

There was food, and lots if it:
The night before the race, it was the birthday of my baby brother's best friend, and we got to spend the evening enjoying the company of some of our oldest and dearest friends. 
And THEN, after a plane ride, a friend's house, three hotel rooms, and about a thousand miles of driving, it was time to get ready!!

To be continued... 

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