Saturday, September 7, 2013

Quick post on the fly!

I'm writing this from my phone, so bear with me; there will be spelling and punctuation issues galore. 

I'm on vacation this week visiting family and preparing for my Big Race. Tomorrow morning I run my first half marathon. We drive the race route yesterday and then after packet pickup, pretty much drive it again to get to our hotel. I've never done that before, driven the route. Remind me never to do that again. It has completely psyched me out! Damn that course is LONG!  

But I got some exercise in the morning, a little walk with my husband, and then in the afternoon I went with my big brother. We took his dog for a little walk, maybe one mile, then he and I took a run through his neighborhood. He typically runs a sub-8-minute pace but he stuck with me for 4 miles. As I recall, we've never done anything like that together. It was really cool to enjoy some time together and doing something healthy. 

My whole family is gathering in my home town to cheer me on in the race tomorrow. That's another first. There will be people cheering for me at different points on the course, at least on huge banner (which I've been forbidden to see; could be ANYthing!) I've never had this much support at a race! It's awesome and it's also kind of weird. I'm feeling all sorts of mixed-up emotions as I prepare for this race. Will try to take lots if photos tomorrow and get a post up with a race recap just as soon as possible. 

I gotta get moving... Have a great day, all!  Run your race, your pace, all day long. 

A few pix from the week: 
My hubs and me at the beach:

Ice cream with my nephews:

And my niece:

My dads crazy little dog. He has a funny face, it's all mouth!

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