Sunday, April 22, 2012

Critical Mass and the End Game

END GAME:  At the end of the day, I have one goal in terms of my health:  I want to be the fittest, healthiest that I know how.  That's what this blog is all about for me.  The journey to a healthier body and mind requires that I improve my strength, flexibility and cardio endurance and lose weight... from my starting point, about 45 pounds. I started back on my diet & exercise plan in November and it's been slow, but I'm about 15 pounds down at this point.  Fifteen pounds in 5 months: it has definitely been slow, but I'm enjoying the process and keeping focused on the ultimate goal:  not just weight-loss, but better overall fitness!

This was a big week for exercise:  2-miles run on Monday, gym workout Tuesday, 4 miles Wednesday, and 6.2 on Saturday.  I was hoping all that activity would balance out the junk food I had while I was on the road Thursday and Friday.  I weighed myself this morning and found I'd lost 2 pounds!  This brings me to a total of 7 pounds over the past 30 days, which if you did the math above, is phenomenal performance for me.  This follows a 6-week plateau where my weight just would NOT budge.  Throughout the whole month of February and most of March, my body was just clinging to every ounce, every calorie I took in. 

I'm not so delusional as to even hope to continue a streak like this one:  I'm not calculating how long it will take to lose the remaining 30 or so pounds I want to lose at a rate of 7 per month.  I am hoping it indicates the training, exercise, the diet and food choices, the whole process... I'm hoping I've reached that CRITICAL MASS, where my body is finally working with me and not against me.  Finally getting with the program and responding in positive ways to the stresses I so carefully and strategically place on it in hopes of becoming Stronger, Faster, Better.

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