Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's with the Miles Updates?

Most of my Facebook friends know but for those who don't, I posted a New Year's Challenge on January 1 this year, on my own page and on the Lake Run Club Facebook page, asking anyone who was so inclined to "Like" my post, and I would run one mile for them in 2012.  When all was said & done, I had been assigned 69 miles (including two for myself, and SIX from my sister-in-law, who is a slave-driver).  I'm all about structure, so I established some rules for what counted as "running" a mile:  no walking counted toward the goal.  It's been three months now.  I've been just plugging away at this goal and slowly but surely, two and sometimes four miles at a time, whittled it down to just those last two miles!

Along the way, I've become obsessed with MILES UPDATES on my Fb page and I'm sure most of my Fb friends are nothing short of sick of seeing them, but the process kept me honest, accountable, and forced me to take account of my progress toward the goal, and let people know that, yes, I ran a mile for you, just like I promised.  if there's one thing people should know about me, it's that I find enormous value and take pride in ALWAYS doing what I say I'm going to do.  (Sometimes it takes a while, because I'm a committed procrastinator, but if something needs doing, I ALWAYS get it done.  Eventually.)

In the time since my original Miles Post, I have run and walked countless miles, with and without my dog, on the treadmill, on Constitution Trail, with my running group, on my own, in rain, wind, and on one memorable occasion, 6.5 miles running and walking in 3 inches of snow and temperatures below freezing.  (Thank god the dog was with me that day!)  I've also diligently continued my weight-training and cross-training at the gym, increased my endurance and my average pace, and lost 10.4 pounds.

So tomorrow night, after my running group, my Facebook page will once again read:  MILES UPDATE:  Today's miles were for:  ___________________... will my friends be watching and waiting to see who those last two miles were for?  I don't really know, but I will really enjoy putting it out there.  I'm really proud of the work I've done to get through all 69 of those miles.

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