Sunday, April 15, 2012

A runner? A blogger? What's next?

I've noticed lately my posts on Facebook are getting pretty repetitive with updates on my progress with running, so I thought perhaps I should create a page specifically for discussing my exercise & weight-loss journey, especially my quest to become a "real runner".  This is mainly intended for friends and family but I do believe it's available for public viewing, not sure how to control that.  Gonna have to figure it out.

So this being my first post, I'll just start with a miles update for yesterday's run:  This weekend's miles were for: Kimberly Sand Nemec, Michelle Summers, Thom Rakestraw, and Betty Gracey.  With only 4 miles left on my New Year's Challenge, I've been thinking about what's next.  I'm willing to take suggestions... I'm currently leaning toward a goal of 60 miles in 30 days, but I do think that's a stretch.  I don't want to choose an unattainable goal and set myself up for disappointment.  I'd have to average 15 miles per week to make that a reality... I'm doing about 12 now.  Also, I'm obsessed with rules, so of course I have to work out whether walking counts??? My 10-minute warm-up & cool-down for each run pretty much guarantees an extra mile added onto each run.

All these things will work themselves out.  In the meantime, feel free to comment below, definitely suggest other challenges as a decision will have to be made soon - I'll probably kill off those last four miles tomorrow!

I'll work more on the blog site to try & make it pretty, add some links to articles and blogs / other pages that I enjoy as well.  Guess I'll see how I feel about this whole blogging thing.  Let me know what you think!

Champaign Illinois 10K April 2011 - first attempt!  Second attempt is only two weeks away now!

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  1. Blogging has been a great anchor for me. Hope it does for you too. Great picture!


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