Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekend Update

Some fun stuff:  
I attended the annual Lake Run Club Awards banquet last night.  It was lots of fun to mingle & socialize with my fellow runners, in "real" clothes!  I had been nominated for a couple of awards, which I didn't win, but after the "official" awards were given out, they had some other "Scandalous Honors"... examples:  "Spits really well, for a girl"  - "My wife beats me, and I'm happy about it" - "Most races completed in the least clothing" - "Don't Wait for Me, I'm Running Late" - and Coty won one of those!
I've been saying for years that she's the best running partner a girl could hope for; now it's official!
I often joke that people are more likely to recognize the dog than to recognize me because she's ALWAYS with me.  I love that she won an award for best running partner - it's SO appropriate!!

Blog Business:  
My gym workout on Thursday left me a little sore to say the least.  Those funky moves with the Bosu Ball utilized some muscles that had been lying dormant.  Friday's plan was to clean house and do a 4 mile run.  That didn't go so well.  It was just one of those runs, it took about 1.5 miles before I started to feel loose enough to run for any length of time but I was really just pretty stiff.  I did a lot of walking, jogged whenever it felt comfortable.  Eventually I settled on a revised goal for the day of completing the 4-mile route in under an hour, and I did manage that.  They can't all be awesome runs.  Sometimes you just have to trudge through and finish, even when it doesn't feel perfect.

Yesterday, more housekeeping was in order (does it count as "nesting" if you're prepping for a new job rather than a new baby??) and another 4-mile run.  I waited for the weather to warm up a little (36 degrees and not too windy) in the afternoon, and decided on the fly to make it a 5-mile run.  I'm wanting to run longer segments and get used to running at least three miles without a break, so I did my normal warmup walk / run for a mile, then ran 3.1 miles without a stop, and walked (with a little jogging thrown in) the remainder of the way home.

You can clearly see here my walk then run for the first 1.0 miles, then running at a pretty steady pace from 1.1 to 4.2
And check out the NEGATIVE splits for the three miles in the middle here!
Negative splits:  I could get used to that.

Now THAT felt GREAT.  Finished about 5.2 miles in 1:15.  Average pace was about 14:30 which of course is not great, but my aim was for steady, strong, and not stopping so goal achieved for the day.  Speed workouts are for another day.  You just never know what today's run will be like until you get out there and GET GOING!

"The great thing about athletics is that it's like poker, sometimes you know what's in your hand and it may be a load of rubbish, but you've got to keep up the front."
--Sebastian Coe
I found this little gem at

More Blog Business:
Well it's Sunday, which means it's Weigh-In Day, and today was a good one:  this morning I was down 1.4 lbs from last week - hooray for Tangible Evidence of Progress!

Last Thing:  
Tomorrow is my first day at the new gig.  I'm looking forward to it, excited & a little nervous... hope I get a good night's sleep.  Things I'd like to do tonight (AKA Things I Would Do Tonight If I Was Smart):  come up with a meal and exercise plan for the week.  Planning has proven to be key to my success so far, and with a new job, it's a big question-mark what my schedule will be, how it's all going to work, etc.  Tomorrow all I know is where & when to show up, and that I'll be in orientation all day.  Think I'll pack a lunch that I can leave in the car (it's cold enough outside, it will be like it's in a fridge), and then if I'm free for lunch I have something planned already.  And some snacks in my purse as well for my mid-day snack.

Wish me luck!

I actually had a couple of other items I wanted to post about this evening... but they don't feel like they belong in this post!  Perhaps another post is in order tonight.  We'll see...

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