Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I have a touch of the writer's block.  I've read so many eloquent posts and essays in response to the senseless tragedy at the Boston Marathon, and I just have no words.  So while the past week has been eventful in terms of my own personal journey, it all seems so trivial and unworthy in comparison.

There was a group of local runners running Boston this year.  All have been accounted for and safe.  Several are involved in my running group and one mentioned she had finished just 8 minutes before the bombings.  Eight minutes.  That's 18 seconds per mile.  18 seconds slower over 26.2 miles and you're at the finish line when the bomb goes off, instead of picking up your chocolate milk and wearing your medal.  It's all just too close to home.

I may be at a loss for words, but many others are not.  The running community is one close-knit group - it's just that:  a community.  They are incredibly supportive and encouraging and resilient and strong.  And they endure.  (It's a f***king ENDURANCE sport.  Duh.)

Here is some of what I've read and appreciated the past two days:

The Colbert Report intro 4/16/13 blog post

Next post, I will be back to my regularly-scheduled blogging.  I'll be running 9 miles Saturday morning with the Lake Run Club - a donate-what-you-wish charity run to benefit a local nonprofit that benefits children.  This is not in response to the bombings; it was planned months ago.  And Sunday I will be volunteering at the finish line of a 5k, supporting my community.  Because it's MY community now.  And this is what we do.  And this week, we all run for Boston.

from Life in the Day of a Runner - check them out!

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