Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Fun Day at the Lake

Posting from my phone because I'm on the road tonight. This will be short on text but I want to stick with my plan for the weekend post SOMEthing!

Phone dump!  Pics from Mother's Day. My mom lives out of state, so I didn't get to spend the day with her. (Happy Mother's Day, mom!)  Jason suggested a hike at Evergreen Lake might be just the thing. We walked & hiked for a couple of hours, covered at least a couple of miles, but I don't know how much. It was a great day!!

Coty acted like we'd taken her to DisneyLand!!

Some geese (very pissed-off geese) and their eggs.  I managed to get Jason to distract the dog while I snapped this photo.  The eggs remained unharmed / untouched and undiscovered by Coty.

There is a lovely bird in there. Somewhere. 

If you can spot my dog in there, let me know!

This is one FILTHY dog after all that adventure!

Another:  Where's (Waldo) Coty?

The point of this photo was that Coty was in the weeds.  I couldn't find her but for her tail!

Hey, check it out!  There's some cool stuff ahead.  I'll show you!

Come ON!  Hurry UP!  We'll miss it!

She doesn't mind water. As long as it has mud on the bottom, doesn't go deeper than her chest, and smells questionable.

Cool tree.

Cool dog.  Believe this is just after chasing a flock of geese about half a mile through this clearing!

Fallen tree.

I'm hungry.  Can I have a goose?

Tired & dirty. Time to head home for a bath. 

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