Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Family Fun at TNAM

Update on Beat the Slump Campaign (yup, I named it):
  1. Logging:  dutifully logged everything today. 
  2. Writing:  in progress.
  3. Training:  this is questionable.  I went to physical therapy for the first time today.  Basically, this means I got into gym clothes and then stretched for about 45 minutes.  This does not feel like exercise, but my muscles are sore and I went back to work afterward and worked late, leaving no time for a visit to the actual gym (which was weird, since I was still wearing my gym clothes at that point!)
  4. Eating:  I had a small victory this morning.  We didn't have any coffee at home so I hit up a drive-thru on the way to work.  This is a danger zone for me, as breakfast is my favorite meal.  I bypassed McDonald's (those damn sausage-egg-mcmuffins are too tempting in my current state!) and managed to ONLY order coffee and get to work with my breakfast plan intact.  Later, I lost a battle with a plate of chocolate brownies in the break room.  (Limited myself to one.) All in all, I was close to my calorie limit for today, until after dinner when I ate two mini-candy bars.  On the up-side, the goal was being more mindful of my snacking.  At least I really ATE that brownie.  It was delicious.  Rich chocolate, not too sweet.  Fudgey.  So... ...  Moving on.
  5. Water:  I'm finishing my third bottle now, which will make 60 oz, and I'll find a way to chug another juice-glass-full on my way to bed.
I've never wanted this to end up being a "secondary food log" - I already have a food log - but for now, I think this little food-rehash may by helpful.  Bear with me.

What I'd like to write about today happened last Thursday:

I finally made it out to the lake for TNAM!  I've run my faux version of the 4.37-mile route in the neighborhood, but hadn't made it out to run with the group due to scheduling conflicts.  Last week, there I was, with Coty, AND the hubs!  Jason was anxious for some exercise and so was I after a busy week at work with no real exercise, so he threw his bike into the truck and we had a Family Night at TNAM.  He rode the bike, Coty and I ran our little butts off.  It was awesome!  I tried to keep up with him while he rode slowly, and ended up shaving about 45 seconds off my best-ever time for that route!  Wahoo!  I have decided Jason has to go with me every week from now on.  (Of course I'll be out of town this week and will miss it again.  Boo on work.)

I have no photos to accompany this post.  So how about this one from our first run at the Lake in 2013?

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