Friday, February 21, 2014

Is it Friday Yet? Oh right, it IS Friday...

I have been slammed with bad news, one thing after another, since yesterday's post.  Really freaking awful news.  Family stuff, then work stuff, and then more and completely different family stuff.  None of it is anything I want to post publicly about, but suffice to say I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. If I get one more phone call with terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad news, I think my head is going to explode.  On a related note, I'm no longer taking calls.

I DID make it to my group fitness class last night, but I was completely unplugged.  Couldn't focus and just was NOT feeling "in my body" or "in the moment" at all.  I was sweating, but really, mentally, just going through the motions.  Got home to find my husband had made a relatively light dinner, so that was a plus.  Of course I followed it up with a couple of my delicious home-made cookies... so there's that.

Today there was more bad news, a light breakfast, and an offer to have pizza and watch the USA/Canada hockey game in the conference room at work.  I bailed on the lunch I'd packed and indulged.  Now I'm full, need to get back to work, and still feeling really unfocused.  Ugh.  I have 145 squats to do today for the 30-day Challenge... have done 60 so far and I intend to complete it, but that's about the extent of my fitness plans for today.

Another group fitness class tomorrow... hopefully I can rise out of this funk long enough to really participate, both mentally and physically, in that one.

Because I'm an optimist at heart, even on days like this one, I searched Facebook for something I could use to brighten my day and ease up on the negativity I'm experiencing right now.  Mostly (weird day on FB I guess) all I found was some TRULY RIDICULOUS "fitspiration" images that pretty much made me sick to my stomach.  I re-posted the worst offender when I got pissed.

But I leave you with these:

Essential life lessons:  love often...and to fight for the life you've been given...and to live it fully in the time you're given. May we all aspire to leave a legacy of strength and love.

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