Wednesday, February 26, 2014

OMG but it's SO Cold!

Okay, this will be quick because I have to head out very shortly.  This is another Accountability Post.  I am set to participate in tonight's group run with the RTW clan.  It's freezing outside.  Like FREEZING, you're-definitely-going-to-get-frostbite-if-you-go-running-tonight FREEZING outside.
Wind chills are below zero!  This is worse than last night!

To combat what I knew would be a powerful urge to bail on tonight's run, I hit up Target and TJ Maxx during lunch today and picked up some new cold-weather pants and tops.  I've got at least three layers available for wearing.  Guess I'll let you know how it goes.  This is gonna be brutal!  They group leaders are saying "we're only running 3 miles" - but man, I'm S   L   O   W   !  3 miles takes about 40 minutes for me on a regular (non-race) night, and that's without any breaks.

Strategy:  Ok, calm down, Chris.  You need a plan.

I'll plan to run a slow pace, slow enough that I don't have to walk.  That's the key.  Keep moving, so I get the benefit of warm muscles, but slow enough that I don't burn out and have to stop.

OK there's the plan.  I'll check back with you later.  In homage to my previous post about making decisions and taking control of the process:

"I am doing this.  I CAN do it, I WILL do it.  And I will enjoy it in appreciation of what my body can do now, that it couldn't do before."

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