Friday, May 13, 2016

Just a Little Ditty

Another long absence.  Things brewing that I don't feel comfortable blogging about.  BUT!

The Hubs gave me a shot of inspiration today and I want to share it. 

He was up early for no reason, and decided to take the dogs for a walk – this is unheard of! I'm the exercise fanatic around here who's likely to go for a walk just because I'm bored or because I've decided to start streaking... and he's the one who... accepts this about me, and sometimes comes along for the ride.  

This bit of action woke me enough to realize I wasn’t going back to sleep, and I immediately remembered the dishes that I’d meant to do last night. We’ve both been fighting a cold this week and last night I wanted to do the dishes but didn't feel motivated and basically I used The Cold as an excuse not to clean that sh!t up. So at 5:45am, I plodded into the kitchen and got it done. Took like 30 minutes, and I was just finished when The Hubs came back with Coty and Ziggy.  

Dogs walked, dishes done, and I was still on time to work? MORE, PLEASE…

Oh, and I guess this happened during my recent hiatus:

We adopted this amazing little trouble-maker in late March.  

After seeing this video, I couldn't help myself.  He was already our dog, he just didn't know it yet.  

He's adorably lopsided in every way, nothing symmetrical about him at all.  And we named him after the late, great David Bowie... With all that all-natural eye makeup, how could we NOT name him Ziggy Stardust?