Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Carla Continues to Inspire Blog Posts

I just read this great post from Carla and had to respond.  (Am I the Chris Hardwick of #wycwyc blogs?  Join us next week for Talking WickWick..."

Initially, I wanted to "introduce" a few of my favorite people.  I commented:

I have often introduced my BFF as "This is Rob Lo (no not THAT Rob Lowe, it's spelled differently).  We've known each other since  the 6th grade and he knows where ALL the bodies are buried.  He helped me bury some of them so don't let him hear you've crossed me because he's always got my back."  It's a joke, goes over great at cocktail parties.  But to borrow a phrase, it's more Truth Said In Jest. 
My friend Jill is simply The Best Person That I Know. 
Any my friend Heather: "she used to be my husband's best friend, but I borrowed her and never gave her back.  She is The Calm in ANY Sea of Chaos."

Then I began to think of how I introduce myself.  I was asked recently to write "a short bio" of myself for the #261Fearless Train the Trainer conference (coming up THIS WEEKEND!).  This was laughable - if you ever read this blog, you know I don't really DO "short" in my writing.  In person I can manage it, but hand me a blank page and tell me to write something, I'm going to go all Super Accountant and use precision language where possible and elaborate to provide as much clarity as I can to eliminate possibility of misunderstanding.

Here is the "short bio" I ended up with:

First off, the name:  It’s “Kinnear” – we take credit for ALL the consonants in this family. 
Here’s what you REALLY need to know about me:
I am an accountant, controller, former CPA, wife, step-mom, birth-mom, rescue-mom, enthusiastic volunteer, feminist, runner, walker, (swimmer? biker? triathlon-er?) blogger, #wycwyc-er (pronounced “wick-wicker”), baker and generally an awful cook.  
My Philosophy: I believe in the Power of Positive Peer Pressure.  I believe that once I identify something as a FEAR of mine, I am required to challenge it.  That’s how I ended up running 4 half-marathons in a year, and how I ended up registered for my first triathlon this year.  My application to become a #261Fearless Ambassador got me thinking and brought me to writing a Fitness Manifesto of sorts:  “It’s YOUR Life.  Live it.  Run it.” 
As for running:My dogs are the best possible training buddies, but the grrrlz in my running club are a close second.  I have been running, racing, and walking for fun and exercise since about 2008.  I am not fast but I am ENTHUSIASTIC!  Until this year, I generally participated in at least one race each month, mostly 5ks but some 4-5 mile distances and some 10ks.  In 2013/2014, I ran 4 half-marathons in 13 months, still my longest-ever run.  This year, I signed up for my first triathlon (and by the time we get to our training, I should have finished it), and reduced my racing schedule to accommodate more well-rounded training. 
Also:  I am over-the-moon excited to be part of the #261Fearless family and starting a club in our area!
(And I don’t know what “short” means when you ask for a “short bio”.  So I’m going to stop writing now, and you can use all or some of this, whatever parts you need!)

I guess that really covers what is important to me, what I'm passionate about, and what I want others to care about, about me.

And YES, I DID complete that triathlon last weekend!  Special Preview of my next post:
I'm somewhere in there in a green swim cap.