Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chris, did you quit blogging already?

No I guess I haven't quit blogging.  If I thought anyone was really following, I would feel bad about not posting for a couple of weeks, but since this is so new, I know no one is counting on me for posts.

I was planning to ease off of running a little after the Race for the Cure - cut back to twice a week instead of 4-5 runs a week.  I was getting a little "twinge" in my leg that I thought might be an indication that I needed a little break.  The "little break" turned into two straight weeks of having NO EXERCISE!! Ack!  Nope, none at all, with the exception of a couple of dog walks (no running) and some gardening.  This wasn't entirely a consequence of laziness:  there was all sorts of hell breaking out at work and I was crazy busy and my husband generously took care of Coty for me on a number of occasions. 

After a couple of weeks off, my first time back was rough, but Coty and I suffered through a 4-mile run/walk on a REALLY hot morning, to kick off Memorial Day weekend.  It was a busy weekend; we were throwing a party Sunday afternoon so Saturday was filled with frantic housecleaning, picking up provisions, and I even squeezed in a manicure.  The good news is, when I weighed in on Sunday morning, I found I'd lost nearly 3 pounds - so not too much damage done by the break!!

The party went off pretty much without a hitch - TONS of food, WAY too much beer & other indulgences, LOTS of good friends hanging out in the back yard telling jokes and stories till way too late.  Good stuff.

Monday is a blur of hydration, Advil, and television.  Recovery day.  I managed to sit outside & read for a while, but the sunlight eventually got to be too much for me.

This week, I expect another crazy week at work, and limited time for exercise, but will be carefully watching everything I eat and make sure not to overdo it.  I'm gonna try to get out to the Lake for TNAM on Thursday for our third of six qualifying runs in our 8-week program.  There's still time to get all 6 runs in before time runs out!

Lastly, I recently found out my running group is organizing an event in September.  The event will include a 5K, 10K, and 1/2-marathon.  I decided to register for the 10K - still too scared to try for the half.  I'm going to take some shit from my running friends when they find out, but I'd love to try another 10K and see if I can finally improve my time!

So that's it.  I'm back.  Still at it.  Not going anywhere.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Race for the Cure

I kept myself pretty darn active last weekend and didn't give myself much down-time.  A run-down of the weekend's events:  
  • Friday I left work a bit early and enjoyed some time at home with Jason.  I had to get up at dawn to make it to an early-morning race, so I was good and stayed home, made myself a reasonable dinner, got my gear together, hung out with the dog, read my book, and went to bed early.
  • I got up a little after 5am and headed out.  I arrived at the race with plenty of time to find a parking space and get a warm-up walk and jog in, and check out all the vendors, goodie-bags and swag they were handing out.  (This is actually a critical point because the Peoria Komen Race for the Cure is an enormous event with approximately 25,000 participants.  Numerous businesses and other local organizations have tents set up and it's an absolute madhouse, really fun, but you HAVE to give yourself time to check it out, roam around, and navigate through all the people!)
  • Race results:  totally awesome!  I stuck with my plan of running 10 minutes and allowing a strict 1-minute walk break.  I completed the 5K in 37:41 my personal best for a 5K!! (and a 12:20 minute-per-mile pace!)
After the race
  • I called my mom from the finish line and wished her a happy Mother’s Day. 
  • Back at home, we took Jason’s grandmother to lunch for her Mother’s Day celebration and then she helped me shop for new shrubs to replace the ones we tore out last weekend.  We went out with friends Saturday night and had a blast.
Brunch on Saturday.  Ummm, Grandma & others were there, but OK you got me, I'm really only including this photo because I look great in it!
  • Mother’s Day I woke up to find my step-son had made me breakfast and left is all wrapped up on a TV tray with a lovely card – what a treat!
  • After breakfast I spent the rest of Sunday digging in the dirt and setting everything up right with the landscaping. 

A word about the Race for the Cure:  I’ve run this 5K nearly every year since 2005, when I didn’t do any running at all, just walked.  Each year I’ve raised as much money as I could and hounded all my friends and co-workers for donations until they were downright sick of hearing about it.  Here’s why:  My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 1990.  The tumor was found to be malignant and over the next 8 months she underwent chemotherapy.  (There’s probably an entire book’s worth of material describing the experiences of those months, but for today I’ll suffice with saying this:)  It was an incredibly difficult year for my entire family, but this year she is celebrating over 21 years as a breast cancer survivor.  Race for the Cure day is a day for me to remember that time, celebrate my mom, support other survivors, raise funds for further research, and reflect on how far we have come since those dark days in 1990 and 1991.  I always get very emotional during and after the race – I get uncharacteristically overwhelmed at the finish line and I really wish my mom was there with me.  I wish we’d gone together more than just the once before she moved away.  I also wish I wasn’t wearing that ill-fitting hat in this picture.