Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is "Restraint" a 4-Letter Word?

Hi all - we had a great start to our weekend last night.

I took a half-day at work and headed home around 1pm.  I couched for a while, when decided not to waste the entire afternoon on Facebook and cleaned the bathrooms and the stove.  There.  Got something done.  We had a birthday party to attend in Peoria, so once Jason got home from work, we got all cleaned up and spiffy and headed out with the teenager in tow!

The party was at a pizza place - DANGER, Will Robinson! - which specializes in Chicago-style pizza.  You know the stuff, in my opinion it's the best kind of pizza if you're a crust fan - pan crust basically fried in butter in the pizza oven... but it's likely the worst king of pizza if your trying to (lose weight) make healthy choices.  The party started at 7pm but since Jason works till 6pm and the restaurant is about 45 minutes drive, we didn't arrive until about 7:30 and there were already several pizzas and appetizers out and being passed around.  I didn't really know what the story was in terms of how we would all split the bill or if I could order a salad or whatever, and let's face it, it was past my normal dinner-time, there was yummy hot pizza waiting for us when we arrived... and I didn't spend a lot of energy asking questions.  I dug in.

I had one slice and some "Italian nachos" and relaxed for a while chatting with the other guests, drinking a beer & pondering whether I was still hungry or not.  By the time the next round of pizza came out, I decided I was still hungry enough for another slice, and ate maybe 2/3 of it.  It was delicious, I didn't end up feeling overly full, and I stuck with just the one beer - go figure.  All things considered, I managed a modicum of restraint while indulging in some seriously dangerous food.  And while we were there, we ran into some old friends and meet a bunch of new people!  It was a good night.

Jason had to work this morning, so we headed back to Normal about 9:30pm.  Once there Jason and I wound down with a short glass of bourbon and some Comedy Central before bed.

I got a great quote from the Community Boards on the LoseIt! web site last week:  "You cannot outrun the fork."  I wasn't consciously using that as a mantra last night, but I've been giving it a lot of thought since I read it - it's funny, because it's true... Maybe that helped me control myself, I'm not sure.  I'm just glad I did. I get to feel good today and I'm not kicking myself for a self-imposed sabotage.

I'll be running from about 1 - 2pm.  Windy but WARM!
So now it's Saturday morning, I've got the house to myself (well, the teenager is here but he's still asleep and I expect him to stay that way for a while :-))  I'll take Coty out to the Lake around noon-ish for the Chilly Chili run - perfect weather for it today (well, as "perfect" as can be for January in Illinois anyway) - and maybe do some more housekeeping.

And a BIG THANK YOU to Michelle from Diary of an Aspiring Loser Maintainer for her help this week - she taught me a new trick for getting screen shots into my blog posts and I am super excited about it!  I've been trying to figure out how to do this for quite some time and she kindly called me up and walked me through it.  Thanks, Michelle!

The plan for this evening includes a celebratory dinner out with my hubby and probably a few drinks at our regular hangout.  Think we'll go to Outback Steakhouse - my dad gave us a gift card for Christmas and I could definitely go for some cedar-plank salmon or lean steak tonight!  And tomorrow is my weekly weigh-in.  I've had a pretty solid week with my routine for food & exercise, so I'm hoping for a positive result.  (Or a negative one, as it were.)

Enjoy your weekend.  I'm enjoying mine, that's for sure!

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