Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just do it - really!

I found this quote earlier this week and kept reminding myself of it as the days went on:

Lowell Thomas:
"Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can."

Yeah, I did a lot of that this week.

It was an eventful week and I think I have enough material to make a couple of blog posts, so I think that's my plan for today:  write and think and hope that this process helps me to stay on track (and follow the guidance of that quote) for another week.  It's a good indicator that I should have taken some time earlier in the week to write, but what's done is done.  I have both the time and the inclination today, so here we go!

You'll recall from my last post that I really ran hard last Saturday, then had a hard run on Sunday that I just wasn't able to finish.  Monday I was still very sore and feeling worn out, plus it was absolutely FREEZING outside, so while I did walk the dog, I did it in jeans and three shirts and a parka and hiking boots.  It was just a walk, not a workout, but I made sure we did more than the standard minimum 1-mile - I got in about 2 miles and called it good.  Jason made his "famous" Chicken Fried Rice - a healthy-ish version of Chinese fare  - and I had a bit more of it than I should have.  We watched the second part of the Biggest Loser premiere and I got my 20 sit-ups and 20 push-ups done while Jillian Michaels kicked the crap out of the contestants.  I ended up about 130 calories over my daily goal of 1220.  Actually I got half of my sit-ups and push-ups done before work that morning (feeling ambitious!) and nearly forgot to do the rest, but on the show they had a guest - a really great NFL football player whose name I can't remember (boy would my husband be appalled at that, he was really impressed that they had this particular guy on, apparently he's amazing.) Anyway the football player said to the group "Get Moving!" and something just "clicked."  I got right up off the couch and got them done right then!  Thank you, Biggest Loser!

Tuesday I had my weekly running group, which meets at Meg's house at 5:30pm.  I've gotten to know Meg a little since becoming involved in the Lake Run Club in the past year, and they live near our neighborhood - about a half-mile from my house.   I was REALLY glad to have the group run to motivate me.  My body was still recovering, apparently, from Saturday's and Sunday's exercise, and if not for the planned outing, I may have just taken Coty on a short walk and spent the rest of the night on the couch.  I knew in my mind that this was exactly the right time for another run - to recondition my legs and lungs and help them get over the "hump" of this soreness - but it's hard to remember that and get it done when you're still stiff and sore.

I was running late after work, so instead of walking to Meg's, I jumped in the car with Coty and drove over.  It does seem silly to drive such a short distance, but I didn't want to miss the start-time because I don't know the route well enough to run it on my own in the dark. We ended up getting there about 10 minutes early and got to warm up and socialize a bit as the other runners arrived.  The weather had improved - temps in the low 40's which is relatively warm for January in this area, and I was excited to be running without my 4-layers on top, and in my capri bottoms rather than the bulkier options I have to wear when the temps are in the 20's.  Meg ran with me, so I definitely wasn't getting lost.  It was great having someone to chat with during the run. We got in 3.2 miles in about 41 minutes.  Not a great pace because I had to take a couple of walking breaks.  As I said, I was NOT feeling it on Tuesday!  But I was really glad to have gotten it done.  There's something to be said for sticking with your plan even when you don't feel like it.

Like the guy said, I did a little more than I thought I could.

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