Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

Saturday night, Jason and I went out to dinner, celebrating... my new job!  Yes, last week was pretty stressful as I was offered, and accepted, a new position and gave notice at my current job.  I've got two short weeks left to transition my responsibilities to my temporary replacement.  It is NOT going to be easy.

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So anyway, we had a gift card for Outback Steakhouse so we headed there for dinner and a few drinks to celebrate the beginning of another new beginning.  I had a sirloin & salad, and splurged on the lobster mac & cheese, but only ate about 1/2 of it - too much cheese for me, it was a little overwhelming.  (I know, "too much cheese" - is there really such a thing?  Turns out, yes.)  We skipped the appetizer & dessert in favor of a second round of drinks (Ketel One Citron & water for me).  Not too bad calorie-wise for a dinner out, but I didn't stop there... once home, we broke out some sparkling wine, and boom, there's the killer for the day... That's another 500 to 700 calories!

Well that's that... had a great food & exercise week but my calorie-count was blown for the whole week in one night.  But it was a great night, well worth it.

Sunday's weigh in was a disappointment - no change at all.  I suppose it was to be expected, but I really had it in my head that I'd be down a pound or so for the week.  I spent the day having a little pity-party, or maybe I was just hungover.  In either case, I was (still am) pretty achy and stiff and sore in a hundred places which I'm attributing primarily to the header I took Saturday at the Lake.  Plus it was really cold out so I wasn't much prepared to go for another run.  I did take Coty for a quick one-mile walk but I wouldn't call it "exercise."

Monday will be a new day, and a new week begins again.

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