Monday, January 14, 2013

What Happens at the Gym, Stays at the Gym?

I have a funny little story for you today!

I FINALLY got my sorry butt back to the gym last week.  I checked my iPersonalTrainer app to see:  it really has been months.  My last gym workout was in September!!  The plan was to go after work on Wednesday and Thursday when my husband is off work and can take the dog for her walk.  Tuesday night I dug out my gym bag and set it by the door so as not to forget.  In the morning, I did remember the bag and headed to the office to take care of some TCB.

I left work a bit early to get there before the rush, found a parking spot and headed in (trying to resist the urge to hang my head in shame for being absent so long).  I made my way to the locker room, only to find that the changing rooms were taken so I had to change clothes in the main locker area - something I really hate.  It's one of those junior-high / high school phobia things; I always hated changing my clothes in public.  But okay, here we go, I need to work out, I'm not gonna waste time waiting around to change... let's get it done.

What do I find in my bag?  Sports bras, check.  Shoes, check.  Socks, check.  Pants, check.  NO SHIRT!

No shit! No shirt!

I cannot possibly articulate the abject horror that overwhelmed me when I realized I had no t-shirt to wear over my sports bra.  No exaggeration:  Horror.

I'll admit, I did briefly consider saying "F*** it," putting my clothes back on and heading home.  I had to remind myself of a few things, as follows:

  • "It's been THREEEEE MONTHS since your last gym workout!"  
  • "Going home is NOT an option."  
  • "It's not like you're naked, you're fully clothed, all you're missing is a cotton tent to hide behind.  Do you think no one knows you've got fat under that shirt???"  
  • "That belly roll is WHY YOU'RE HERE.  Get over it and get out there and start getting RID of it!"

And off I went to do my workout.

I started off with 10 minutes on the stationary bike to warm up, Level 3, then hit the weights with my handy iPersonalTrainer app for 45 minutes, and finished up with another 10 minutes on the bike, Level 4, for a total of 5 miles.  I've never been much of a fan of the stationary bike, but with this mileage challenge I think it will be good to do more cross-training (ie, not always on the treadmill) in addition to the weight training.  So I did start out on a low resistance because I'm not very familiar with it.  I honestly didn't know what the correct setting would be.  I'll be playing with the resistance and other settings over the next few weeks as I re-acclimate myself with my gym.
Photo credit: pescatello via photopin cc

Found this funny pic online to demonstrate what it felt like working out in just my tank-style sports bra.  But you know, it really wasn't that bad.  No one stared, no one told me to go to the Principle's office and find some proper attire.  I don't intend to make a habit of it (and I damn sure packed my gym bag the night before my next gym workout, with TWO t-shirts), but I don't have to run away from it either.

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  1. You did it! I feel bad no matter what I'm wearing.. I'll think of you as I start my quest this year. thanks for writing your truth!


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