Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jedi Mind Trick

After the MPZ race, I headed home knowing I still needed to walk the dog.  (Saddest dog EVER watching me leave in the morning in my running gear!)  With all the weather we've been getting lately, she's gotten a lot of "quickie" walks and I wanted to do right by my little running buddy, so I decided she deserved a good 3-mile excursion.  So basically, I went and did another 5k.  This one was MUCH slower, took it really easy, about 45 minutes and plenty of walking.  We both had a grand ole time.

Saturday night was the usual... drinks with friends and a burger basket at our local watering hole.  Woke up entirely too early on Sunday for no good reason.  Jason was awake too, so after my weigh-in...  Ah, yes, the Weigh-In!  Down 1.8 lbs this week!  This puts me at a BMI of 29.0 and less than 1 lb from my next "mini-goal."  The current goal was just 6 lbs, set on September 22 - Man, this one has been SLOW coming.  But slow loss beats steady gain EVERY damn time, right??

Anyway, after the weigh-in we decided to go out to breakfast and do some shopping.  I broke my cardinal rule & took off without doing anything with my hair or makeup... so of course we ran into my new boss at TJ Maxx!  Never, never, ever leave the house on Sunday without makeup!

Once we decided we'd had enough running around, it was time for my workout.  I drove Coty to the park & hopped on the Trail for another 3-4 miler.  My legs felt really heavy.  I really left it all on the course Saturday and my shit was t-i-r-e-d!!  But instead of calling it a tough day and walking it, I used a little trick I learned in Catch The Wave... Walk 5 minutes to warm up, then run 2 minutes.  Walk 1, run 3.  Walk 1, run 4... etc.  Just keep upping the running minutes in each round, and by the time you're up to an 8-minute running interval, you've gone 3.5 miles!  It's the old "shut up, you can run for another 4 minutes... it's only 4 more minutes!" trick!!

Yes, it's my own personal Jedi Mind Trick.

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  1. Way to keep pushing Chris, you rock! Maribeth


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