Monday, March 4, 2013

This is Not A Race Recap

I'm so, so, SO tired today.  Had a fantastic race on Saturday and can't wait to write a race recap... but can't write it tonight, I'm way too tired.  After that great race experience on Saturday, went out with The Hubs Saturday night and had a lot of fun... but woke up for no good reason Sunday morning at 7am.  Ugh.  Felt like I got no sleep!  Jason was in the same boat, so we headed out to breakfast and ran some errands.  (Picked up some new running clothes, of course... what else??)

Got to bed around 11pm, not sure how I managed to stay up that late!  I was headed to the Danville office this morning so needed to get up by 5:15am, so I wasn't going to get a full night's rest anyway.  And then the phone rang.  At 3am. A minor emergency, but an emergency nonetheless.  The Hubs got The Teenager & headed out to save the day for our friend in need.  I tossed & turned for an hour till they returned, then passed out cold.  That is, until the alarm went off.  And out the door I went.

Had a good day at work today, but MAN... I'm tired.  So the race recap will have to wait until tomorrow.

Night, all.

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